Assist Health Group COVID-19 Testing Kits Affected by Specimen Swab Shortage

RadiologyAssist initiative, Assist Health Group, recently launched an at-home testing kit for COVID-19. Launch of this test has been stalled due to a global shortage of specimen collection swabs. The program is currently looking for any resources available with a connection to the specimen swabs to ensure that any at-risk individual can receive the testing they need from the safety and comfort from their own homes. COVID-19 testing will be ramping up, as officials nationwide have announced temporary closures of schools, universities, businesses and other mass gatherings. To keep establishments and other individuals safe from outbreak, access to at-home testing is essential.

Any connections to obtaining specimen collection swabs such as health officials, government officials or any other entity would be highly appreciated by our program! If you or anybody that you know can assist with this, please reach out to the Assist Health Group line at 888-996-0650. Any help provided to our program during this time is greatly appreciated!