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Social Media Volunteer Program

RadiologyAssist is rounding up volunteers that want to help bring awareness to diagnostic imaging studies by utilizing social media. Social media is a great way to spread awareness for screenings and gathers a large audience for support.

By teaming up with RadiologyAssist and creating social media posts for awareness, you can gain 1 hour of community service for every 3 posts you create and publish. Upon completion, a certificate will be awarded to you. You can read through the guidelines of the program and apply to become a volunteer below.

Guidelines for Eligibility

The guidelines must be followed to receive community service hours through RadiologyAssist. If the guidelines are not all followed, your hours might not be approved.

  • To become eligible to receive community service hours, you must complete and submit the application form
  • You must utilize your own established media accounts to post awareness information on social media. RadiologyAssist will not accept applications from accounts made solely for the purpose of these posts. We will accept Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as acceptable social media platforms for awareness posts.
  • Accounts must have a minimum of 25 followers.
  • You may post up to once per day on each social media platform.
  • Posts must provide varying information for posting.
  • Must use the hashtag #RadiologyAssist and attribute the RadiologyAssist social media pages in each post. Other hashtags relating the posted subject are suggested but not required.
  • Must provide screenshots of posts displaying the time and date of each posting. For instructions about providing screenshots, please refer below.
  • We will not limit the amount of days you post and there is no age requirement to receive community service hours.

For every 3 posts, 1 hour of community service will be awarded. Upon completion of your community service hours, you will be sent a certificate of completion. A sample certificate can be viewed here.

View Sample Certificate

To learn about how to save and send in your screen shots, you can use this guide.

How to Apply

To apply, please download and complete the following application form. The completed application form can be sent to

Download Application Form

For any questions, give us a call at 855-346-5152