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Mammogram in Rowlett, TX

(For self-pay patients)

Radiology Assist now offers Mammograms in Rowlett, TX for all-inclusive rates starting from $164.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How much do Mammograms cost in Rowlett, TX ?

Mammograms scheduled through Radiology Assist start from $164 for Rowlett, TX.
Prices are dependent on whether screening or diagnostic and if an ultrasound is required. Exact location and prices for any particular study can be looked up using our Locations & Prices tool.

The prices for Mammograms have been listed below for reference. The program offers these specially discounted rates for self-pay patients. For some locations the program offers a free upgrade to 3D mammogram.

Mammogram Type Program Rate
(starting from)
Screening Mammogram $164
Diagnostic Mammogram $161

Patients with low income or financial hardship can apply for financial assistance to further reduce their out of pocket cost. Please visit the financial assistance page for more information.

(Note : Above prices quoted are all-inclusive prices for a Mammogram which includes imaging center fee, radiologist fee and a copy of your scan images and report. Prices are subject to change without notice.)

Locations & Prices

What is the Radiology Assist Program?

Radiology Assist is a nationwide program that offers diagnostic imaging at affordable rates for self-pay patients.
The cost of Mammograms and other diagnostic imaging studies are significantly discounted for patients scheduling via the program at a participating center. Appointments can typically be scheduled same day or next day. Patients demonstrating financial hardship can apply for additional financial assistance.

Which facility can I have my Mammogram performed at?

You can look up the closest location to you and pricing using our  Imaging Center Locator.

How do Radiology Assist rates compare to typical self-pay rates?

Radiology Assist rates are considerably lower than what you would be responsible for if you scheduled as a self-pay patient. The program is intended as an assistance to patients having to pay for the entire cost of an Mammogram out-of-pocket.

How do I schedule a Mammogram through the program and how long does it take?

Scheduling a Mammogram through Radiology Assist is as simple as a phone call.  Just call our centralized scheduling line at 1-855-346-5152
or you could schedule using our online portal. Most patients are able to have their CT scan same day or next day.

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Do I need a physician referral for the Mammogram?

Yes. A physician referral is mandated by law regardless of where you schedule. Radiology Assist will not schedule an appointment without one.
We can however assist you in obtaining a copy of a referral from your physician. Just call our appointments line at 1-855-346-5152.

Do you offer Mammogram in other cities in Texas?

Yes. We schedule Mammograms in a number of additional cities in Texas. Please visit our facility locator page.
If you can not find a facility close to you, give our program a call. We will do our best to arrange a study for you.

Do you schedule other diagnostic imaging studies and scans in Rowlett, TX?

Yes. We schedule MRI, CT Scan, PET Scan, Ultrasound, Fluoroscopy Mammogram and Xray in Rowlett, TX. If you do not see the study your are looking for on the facility locator page, please call us.

Locations & Prices
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