What is the Radiology Assist Program ?

  • Radiology Assist is a free resource available to the under-insured community giving individuals access to affordable diagnostic imaging.
  • The program offers the following radiology imaging at a low discounted rate :
    1. MRI
    2. CT Scan
    3. PET Scan
    4. Ultrasound
    5. Xray
    6. Mammogram
  • Our low affordable rates are available at any participating imaging centers when appointments are scheduled through the program. There is no fee to use the program.
  • The program is intended to assist the under-insured control the cost of imaging in their time of need.

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Nationwide Access To Affordable Imaging

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Layaway Plan

Radiology Assist Layaway Plan

Our Layaway Plan is a simple plan that allows you to budget and set scheduled payments towards your diagnostic imaging.

How does the layaway plan work?
With a layaway plan, you can make weekly payments towards your diagnostic imaging.
You can set your weekly payment amount and make reoccurring payments each week. Once the layaway plan is completed, Radiology Assist proceeds with scheduling your appointment.

What happens if I change my mind?
There are absolutely no fees with our layaway plan. If you cancel your layaway plan at any point, all funds paid towards your imaging study are refunded. If you would like to change your payment amount, you would just inform Radiology Assist about the changes you would like to make.

Are there any fees to the plan?
The Radiology Assist Layaway plan is offered to the public at absolutely no cost. There are no start up or refund fees.

How do I start a layaway plan?
Starting a layaway plan is very simple. There is no credit check or application that you have to submit. Just call our scheduling line at 855-346-5152 and mention that you would like to start a layaway plan.

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